Most of C. W. Comstock's life as a writer has been a failure. Older but not wiser, he is lost in his own self-absorbed pity.

Then a surprising visit from the alluring Juanita Justus changes his life forever. Juanita offers him a new beginning along with powerful devices that can change not only his life, but the course of the universe.

Using his newly found powers he travels to distant locations, writes many historical novels and becomes somewhat successful.

But the instruments come with responsibilities dictated by the powerful U.O.H. A mysterious group of beings who are the masters of time and history. He must use his new power to do their bidding or suffer the deadly consequences.

His assignment is to stop a maniacal alien shape-shifter who transforms himself into influential beings in his effort to modify history.

In the process he meets Vienna Pitts, a stunning and gifted yet unassuming woman who learns to draw from her inner strengths.

Together they risk their lives battling evil and powerful alien armies while decoding the cunning manipulation of historical events.


Ipsissima Verba

An ancient Latin phrase meaning "the very words"

In religious terms it refers to the sacred words spoken by a deity.

In legal terms it refers to material quoted from an established authority.

In political terms it refers to the populist claims of demagogues.
In human terms it refers to your spoken promise.